As much as the car business has been a part of Jack’s life for over 30 years his passion is acting and screenwriting.  A talent honed in the car business.  “We’re always acting.  We’re always ‘ON’ as they say at Disney.  Whenever we are with a customer we must put on a happy face.  And as salespeople, we talk to a 60-year-old man, differently then we talk to a 21-year-old woman, and rightfully so.

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 “Please make sure you have the latest version of quick time.  Download times will vary depending on your computer and connection.”

Jack has been performing for years when he began as a disc jockey and moved into acting and modeling and screenwriting.  His body of work is impressive to say the least.

To get a glimpse of how Jack’s screenwriting took the form of a show about a car dealership, Shot entirely at Brown Deer Sales in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Click on YouTube and Search, “TRUST ME – SITCOM” to view his short demo!