I didn’t know you wanted THAT?

A long time ago when the earth was still warm my grandfathers brother in law Hugh owned a Chevrolet dealership in a small town. 

One of the hill farmers came in to make a deal on a new car.  The negotiations were brutal.  Gramp’s brother in law was no push over.  The point of contention was the value of the trade.  The customer believed, and probably rightly so, that he was not being allowed what the car was worth.  Though offered, no deal was agreed on and the customer left in a huff. 

Several days passed, and the farmer, accompanied by his entire family rolled up in front of the dealership.  They entered the show room and announced that they had decided to take the deal.  Uncle Hugh was delighted. 

The papers were signed, money exchanged and the deal was done.  The farmer and his family got into their new car and drove away happy.  Uncle Hugh went out to move the trade but found it was completely dead where it sat. 

Naturally he went around and opened the hood to see why it wouldn’t start.  To his surprise, he found a big bag of rocks where the engine and transmission should have been.  Farmer – 1 and Uncle Hugh – 0. 

Creative Financing………
When I was working at a dealership near the country, we had a lot of customers who were farmers.  One time we were really struggling to put a particular deal together.  The farmer did not have any money to put down and no trade in, or so we thought.  Then he said,
“You know I do have cows.”
                “Yeah, so?” the manager replied.
                “Well, how about I trade in a cow?”
                “What would we do with it?”
                The customer said, “How about a side of beef?”
                We took in the beef, showed it as a trade allowance along with his discount and got the deal financed.  You would not believe how hard it is to get someone to demo a side of beef.  Seriously though, anything that has a value toward the purchase of a new or used vehicle can be considered a trade-in. By the way, we just called up the local butcher, he said he would buy it for $600 and we sold it to him.

Keep your eyes on the trade-in………….

It was the middle of January here in the frigid Midwest and we got a dusting of three inches of snow.  A short time after it stopped snowing a customer came in for a delivery and of course, brought in his trade, an MG convertible.  The lot kid removed the plates and then took the car to the bullpen.  On the way, he decided it would be fun to do a couple of donuts in the fresh snow.  He lost control of the MG and crashed into another car – HIS OWN!
Of course he tried to deny it to the general manager when the only tracks in the snow were his donuts.