Jack spent many hours Writing Sales Training Articles but it all started a long time ago…  at a dealership in a galaxy far, far away….

Jack began his auto career in 1974 in the service station and dealership equipment business.  He then entered the body shop area as a painter for Excalibur Motorcars.  From there he did a stint as a heavy-duty line mechanic for a GM Franchise.  He ran his own auto repair business before getting into auto sales in 1980.  By 1983, Jack had studied a lot of car sales training techniques and moved up through the ranks utilizing advanced sales manager training systems becoming Floor Manager for a Chevrolet dealership.  Taking advantage of all the product sales training materials available, Jack went on to sell Cadillac’s and became GM for a large Used Car Dealership.  After getting back into retail sales and becoming the top salesperson, Jack’s career in sales took him to the head of a used car operation for a busy Toyota store.

Sales Training Coaching became his mantra!

In 1990 Jack became the Education Director for the Automobile Dealers Association in southeastern Wisconsin.  He oversaw dozens of educational sales training coaching programs and dispensed car sales training tips offered to 126 dealer members.  For 15 years Jack was the official sales trainer and trained over 1300 new salespeople.  Many of them were just starting their own career in sales.  Many became sales leaders with some promoted to Sales Managers, F & I Managers and General Sales Managers.

Jack sat on dozens of education committees and boards for colleges and high school automotive programs and was an active member in the ATAE Education Group Summit meetings across the country.

Traveling the country as a top notch Sales Training Speaker!

During that time, Jack traveled the country as a motivational and sales training speaker for Auto Show Kick-Off Meetings and dealer groups.  He has appeared on the Automotive Satellite Training Network’s “The Sales Meeting,” which covered many facets of the sales training process and was a featured guest on an AUTO related TV show shown around the country and facilitated continuing education classes on “How to buy a car.”

With his auto sales training books as his calling card, Jack joined a large automotive group with a long and successful history as Vice-President of Recruitment and Education.

After running his own successful Used Car Dealership and learning more technology sales training, Jack spent time working with several auto auction companies calling on dealers as a Consignment Representative.

His sales training continues to work wonders!

Jack was a monthly featured writer for DEALER MAGAZINE for many years.  His column, “Green Pea Diaries,” which covered sales training articles have helped countless managers and dealers with their own sales manager training.  It is also a highly successful in assisting them to run sales training development and effective sales meetings.  Helping train new and experienced salespeople.