What is TMND all about?

Okay, so this site is designed to help people get into sales and specifically, auto sales.  A rewarding and lucrative field.  But as a trainer, public speaker, motivational speaker, actor and most importantly, a parent, I take great pride in helping parents be good parents.  And my sons website is designed to do just that.

If you  are in the car business, working your tail off you may very well have a family of your own and you’re working to put a roof over their heads and food on the table, as well as take advantage of the great thing  family life has to offer.  But it’s not easy…. Although it just got a little easier.

Team mom-n-dad is the place where you can learn more, and even pick up some great apparel or a travel mug or hat to show off just how much you care about your kids and how involved you are in their lives.  Come on everybody!

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And,now you can download the 2018 version of our publication,

The Complete Guide To Successfully Managing Your Child’s Sports Career


We’re here to help you get the most out of family life!

We at Team mom-n-dad are doing everything  we can to help you enjoy every moment of your child’s activities.  And we’ve come up with the ultimate guide to help you do just that.  This book is jam packed with ideas, tips and tools that you can use every day to get through the hustle and bustle… WITHOUT losing your patience, OR your mind!

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Remember, we’re all in this together!