We’re glad you took the time to check out this page.  It tells us, and more importantly, yourself that you want to be and have more!

Whether you are selling cars now or have never sold one in your life.

If you’re currently in  the business, know that we are not reinventing the wheel.  You already know how to sell cars.  You simply need a refresher… we all do.  And our Auto Sales Training How-To book will help do just that.  And it’s easy.  No long sales training seminars or grinding sales meetings that cover sales techniques you might not need.

With this book you can review what you want, when you want, and all at your own pace.  Tear out the pages, make notes, photo copy closing techniques pages to review whenever the time is right. or pick up the newest edition of our eBook, “How To Sell Cars because You Can and Should!”  With that you can review on your laptop or tablet whenever you have a few minutes.

Our auto sales training book has been in publication for 30 years and has sold 1000’s and 1000’s of copies in both paperback and as eBooks.


We know how hard it is for Sales Managers to manage their time.  They are getting pulled in every direction and finding time for one on one, sales training or sales refreshers is tough.  So you need to take your future into your own hands. But years of extensive research have shown us that when auto and truck sales slow down, we have a tendency to cut corners, use shortcuts or even doubt our own abilities.  And the problem can also happen when sales are great!  We get so busy that we cut corners; take shortcuts and that will cost us sales, gross profit and even customer satisfaction.

…but wait… there’s more!

If this is your first visit, snoop around, and then order a book.  If I sell a few books, it pays for my site and that’s okay.  What’s important is if you read things here and learn a little, you’ll sell a few more cars and that’s what makes the world go-round.

Maybe you want to be a Sales Manager and need Sales Manager Training.  Or you are a General Manager and need to help your staff with Sales Training Development.  The way to get there is to be absolutely the best salesperson you can be!

Everyone wants to do something new and exciting.  Something meaningful and this is the opportunity to do yours!  Over 18,000 of people have visited our auto sales training site and changed their lives.

With Product Sales Training and Sales Process Training, you can too!
Auto sales finished 2021 with a bang!  And we’re already on pace for a great 2022!  Invigorate your career in sales and 2022 will be your year!

The right car sales training techniques will allow you to set your own pay!
Yep, in sales YOU decide how much you want to make every day, week and year.  If you want to make more money, you can.

Along with unbelievable products coming out, every manufacturer is reporting an INCREASE IN SALES!  New cars sales averaged over 17,000,000 for five years, then the pandemic hit and took that down by about 25%.  Now it’s coming back.  2021 was over 15,000,000 and 2022 will be even better.  And none of these numbers include Used Car Sales.  With great sales training development the future looks even more amazing!  Right now Dealers ARE HIRING.  Hiring people who have had lots of Sales training, coaching and possess the right Sales Training Tools… THAT’S YOU!