Jack Bennett on the set of the hit TV show Junkyard Wars.

Jack Bennett on the set of the hit TV show Junkyard Wars.

2019 is behind us and the spring selling season is here!  That means great times for auto sales.  Traditionally one of the best times of the year with all the new models rolling out.

And 2020 will be EVEN BETTER…. FOR YOU!

WHY?  Because the ALL-NEW edition of our publication is here.

Officially re-titled:

“How To Sell Cars


You Can and Should!”

Time to jump start your auto career with our latest and greatest auto sales training book!

You, highly skilled automotive salespeople, are the salespeople that make the economy move.  But are you taking advantage of all the sales tools, sales training and sales techniques you can?  Cars and trucks are flying out the door and the technology that makes cars more and more appealing every day is at an all-time high!  But what hasn’t changed?  The WAY we sell cars! That’s right.  In your dealership there are no shortage of customers coming in but you still need to do what it takes to earn their business.  Exactly like you did last year and the year before.  Just like all the great salespeople have been doing for decades!

How many cars do you sell a month?  How many does the number one sales rep in your store sell?  Why aren’t you number one?  What is he or she doing that you aren’t?  They are doing the basics, and doing them really well.

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ISBN# 978-0-9625254-2-1