Jack Bennett on the set of the hit TV show Junkyard Wars.

Jack Bennett on the set of the hit TV show Junkyard Wars.

Jack Bennett the Actor.

Jack Bennett the Actor.

Jack Bennett the screen writer.

Jack Bennett the screen writer.

Jack Bennett cars sales trainer

Jack Bennett car sales trainer.


And the car business is back with a vengeance and this means good news for you!
Looking for an Auto Career?

You may be reading all sorts of news about our economy but the bottom line is a lot of people are working, making money and staying busy! That could be you!

If you are out of work or employed but unhappy. There is no fulfillment, no reward and no chance to make your own mark.

You can change that and this Auto Sales Book and Car Sales Training Tip Website will make it happen.  Everyone wants to do something new and exciting. Something meaningful and this is the opportunity to do yours! Over 18,000 of people have visited our auto sales training site and changed their lives.

With Product Sales Training and Sales Process Training, you can too!  Auto sales finished 2013 with a bang! And we’re already on pace for a great 2014! A career in sales, and in the car business can and will be your year!

The right car sales training techniques will allow you to set your own pay!  Yep, in sales YOU decide how much you want to make every day, week and year. If you want to make more money, you can.

Along with unbelievable products coming out, every manufacturer is reporting an INCREASE IN SALES! New cars were near 15,000,000 in 2013! That doesn’t even include Used Car Sales. With great sales training development the future looks even more amazing! Right now Dealers ARE HIRING. Hiring people who have had lots of Sales Training Coaching and possess the right Sales Training Tools… THAT’S YOU!

“Hey, you should be selling cars!”

I’ll bet you get that all the time. You are looking for the right Sales Training Process or the right Auto Sales Training Book. There are more than 30 occupations in every dealership. And there are right and wrong ways to do get in! In the sales department for example, most people answer an online ad, go to the interview and say they can sell cars because everyone told them so. Or they say that they sold their own car. I have a better way. Learn HOW TO SELL CARS FIRST! Then go in and get the job. But how?
One easy way is to buy a copy of:

You Can And Should Sell Cars!
24 years in publication, over 7000 copies sold.

You’re already selling cars? Great!

If you are and this is your first visit, snoop around, then order a book. If I sell a few books, it pays for my site and that’s okay. What’s important is if you read things here and learn a little, you’ll sell a few more cars and that’s what makes the world go around.  Maybe you want to be a Manager and need Sales Manager Training or want to help your staff with Sales Training Development. You’ve come to the right place!

And as the car business goes, so goes the economy, and here’s the best news. Because a lot of you are not only reading our eBook but like to have a hard copy in hand to make notes, photo copy and use in sales meetings, we have DISCOUNTED the print edition!
That means big savings to you.

ISBN# 978-0-9625254-2-1