Jack Bennett on the set of the hit TV show Junkyard Wars.

Jack Bennett on the set of the hit TV show Junkyard Wars.

Jack Bennett the Actor.

Jack Bennett the Actor.

Jack Bennett the screen writer.

Jack Bennett the screen writer.

Jack Bennett cars sales trainer

Jack Bennett car sales trainer.


WE’RE BACK selling cars and setting records!
The car business is back with a vengeance and this means good news for you!
Time to really jump start your auto career with our auto sales training book!


You, highly skilled automotive salespeople, are the salespeople that make the country and the economy move.  But are you really taking advantage of all the sales tools, sales training and sales techniques you can?  Cars and trucks are flying out the door and the technology that makes cars more and more appealing every day is at an all-time high!  But do you know what hasn’t changed?  The WAY we sell cars!  That’s right.  In your dealership there are lots of customers coming in every day but you still need to do what it takes to earn their business.  Exactly like you did last year and the year before.  Just like all the great salespeople have been doing for decades!

How many cars are you selling a month?  How many is the number one sales rep in your store selling?  Why aren’t you number one?  What is he or she doing that you aren’t?  They are simply doing the basics, and doing them really well.


We know how hard it is for Sales Managers to manage their time.  They are getting pulled in every direction and finding time for one on one training or sales refreshers is really tough.  So you need to take you future into your own hands. But years of extensive research have shown us that when auto and truck sales get slow, we have a tendency to cut corners, use shortcuts or even doubt our own abilities.  And the problem can also happen when sales are great!  We get so busy that we cut corners, take shortcuts and that can cost us sales, gross profit and even customer satisfaction.


We are not reinventing the wheel.  You already know how to sell cars.  You simply need a refresher… we all do.  And our Auto Sales Training How-To book will help do just that.  And it’s easy.  No long sales training seminars or grinding sales meetings that cover sales techniques you might not need.

With this book you can review what you want, when you want it at your own pace.  Tear out the pages, make notes, photo copy closing techniques pages to review whenever the time is right.  OR get YOU CAN & SHOULD SELL CARS as an eBook that you can review on your smart phone or tablet whenever you have a few minutes.

Our auto sales training book has been in publication for 27 years and has sold 1000’s and 1000’s of copies in both paperback and as eBooks.


ISBN# 978-0-9625254-2-1